Expertise & Impact

Immuneering extracts new biological and clinical insights, shapes strategy and delivers impact across the full continuum of drug development. We couple our expertise in computational biology, gene expression, genomics and medicine with the broadest set of analytical tools to enhance a medicine’s success from discovery to market, to derive more value from R&D and commercial efforts, and ultimately, to improve patients’ lives.




Examples of our impact include:

Biomarkers for immunotherapy prediction

Immunotherapies have reshaped treatment for some forms of cancer, but it remains difficult to predict response to therapy.  Immuneering worked to uncover critical biomarkers that helped predict therapeutic response, an important advance for the patients and the emerging field of cancer immunotherapy.


Biomarkers for immunotherapy prediction

Finding the right models for pancreatic cancer drug development

In vitro screens for pancreatic cancer are notoriously unreliable, leading to inefficient and ineffective preclinical work. We found the cell lines with the genomic profiles that best correlate to real-world experience.

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