Our Goal: Develop medicines with broad activity for large patient populations

Our lead clinical stage candidate IMM-1-104 aims for activity against tumors driven by mutations in RAS and beyond


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Immuneering’s lead product candidate IMM-1-104 aims to achieve activity in RAS mutant cancer while sparing normal healthy cells by driving deep cyclic inhibition of the MAPK pathway. Our earlier stage programs include six novel drug programs for patients with solid tumors and two that seek to bring precision medicine to patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


Immuneering is advancing a robust pipeline of novel drug programs starting with IMM-1-104, which is designed to achieve activity in tumors with mutations in RAS and beyond through deep, cyclic inhibition of MEK. This differentiated approach aims to deprive tumor cells of the sustained proliferative signaling required for rapid growth, while providing a cadenced, basal level of signaling designed to spare healthy cells.


Consistent with our approach of weaving bioinformatics and computational biology into every stage of the drug development process, we have developed a proprietary disease-agnostic platform that allows us to leverage human biological data in new and creative ways providing counterintuitive insights that are not constrained by the inherent limitations of conventional approaches or prevailing scientific views.


Our commitment to rigor and reproducible data analysis is validated by a long track record of peer-reviewed publications. Our research has been featured in a number of high impact journals and presented at medical conferences.

Head-to-head comparison of the dual-MEK inhibitor IMM-1-104 versus binimetinib in NRAS mutant melanoma models

Virtual poster released on Jan 6, 2022
Presenter: Peter King, Ph.D., Immuneering Vice President, Head of Discovery