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Immuneering is applying bioinformatics to forge a new approach to drug discovery, develop transformative medicines and help others make the most of their data.


Our services team is second-to-none in bioinformatics and computational biology, helping world-class pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies gain actionable insights from robust, in-depth analyses of high-throughput molecular data. Our partners benefit from our decade of experience helping to characterize drug mechanisms, identify targets, pinpoint biomarkers and more.


Advancing a pipeline of drug programs focused on treating aspects of disease that have eluded conventional approaches. Using our Disease Cancelling Technology, we’re able to consistently and systematically engineer a steady stream of new drug candidates from clinical data.


Our commitment to rigor and reproducible data analysis is validated by a long track record of peer-reviewed publications. In collaboration with our partners in pharma and the scientific community, our research has been featured in a number of high-impact journals.


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