Consistent with our approach of weaving bioinformatics and computational biology into every stage of the drug development process, we have developed a proprietary disease-agnostic platform that allows us to leverage human biological data in new and creative ways providing counterintuitive insights that are not constrained by the inherent limitations of conventional approaches or prevailing scientific views. Key elements of our platform include:

  • Insights from Human Data. Compare distinct groups of individuals who differ in a certain aspect of disease or response to a particular therapy, or identify new patient subsets.
  • Novel Biology. Identify novel targets and new ways to drug existing targets using our Disease Cancelling Technology and/or our insights into mechanisms of response.
  • Novel Chemistry. Rapidly identify small molecules that selectively bind to a target of interest using our proprietary Fluency technology, and/or engineer PK to achieve optimal signaling dynamics.
  • Proprietary Translational Planning. Use humanized preclinical models and bioinformatics to prioritize indications and identify sensitive subpopulations.

Underlying each of these elements is our rigorous quality control and ability to analyze complex biological datasets.