More than nine million people die of cancer every year, demonstrating the urgent need to develop new medicines for patients in need. Yet traditional drug discovery is deeply inefficient. Drug developers spend, on average, 10-15 years and ~$2.6 billion to bring a single new drug to patients.

Immuneering is forging a new approach to drug discovery, fueled by bioinformatics and computational biology. For more than a decade we have helped leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies be faster and more productive by analyzing their data to elucidate mechanisms of action, identify biomarkers of response and find new targets. With a focus on rigorous and robust analyses of the highest quality, our services business continues thriving to this day.

Through these experiences, we gained a unique perspective on the mechanism of action of successful medicines, identifying common themes underlying those drugs that ultimately prove safe and effective. These counterintuitive lessons inspired us to develop our proprietary Disease Cancelling Technology.

Traditional drug discovery focuses on single targets, often identified through trial and error experiments in cell lines. In contrast, our Disease Cancelling Technology utilizes human gene expression data to engineer medicines that reverse a disease signal across many relevant genes to yield drug candidates with a higher likelihood of success for multi-faceted diseases.

Recently, many companies have sought to create computational and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve drug discovery. Many of these efforts focus on chemistry—finding or optimizing chemical hits for known targets. However, an equally important step involves biology: developing a thorough understanding of disease processes and a systematic approach to counteract those processes. Companies focused on the biology of target identification frequently do so using cell lines. In contrast, our Disease Cancelling Technology uses human clinical gene expression data to identify targets relevant to disease biology, coupled with a powerful chemistry engine to identify potential hits. These unique attributes draw on our experiences over the past decade, and our leadership in bioinformatics and computational biology.

After years of refinement, validation and proof-of-concept studies, we began applying our Disease Cancelling Technology to develop an internal pipeline of wholly-owned medicines. These efforts are overseen by a world-class team with more than 55 years of combined experience in pharmaceutical R&D.