Our company is built on more than a decade of leadership in translational bioinformatics. Since our founding in 2008, we have established a track record of generating insights into the mechanisms that cause certain patients to respond to specific medicines across therapeutic areas by analyzing Omics data. Our computational biology services business has helped us to better understand how translational bioinformatics can contribute to each stage of drug development, from early drug discovery to clinical development and through commercialization. However, we recognized the limitations of applying translational bioinformatics in isolation to specific stages of the drug development process and realized that bioinformatics could be even more helpful if applied continuously throughout the drug development process. Over time, we have developed a proprietary technology platform to facilitate that process and, in early 2018, we began applying the extensive insights from and capabilities of our platform and approach to create a wholly owned pipeline of drug programs, initially focusing on oncology.

Our platform allows us to leverage human biological data in new and creative ways, which provides counterintuitive insights that are not constrained by the inherent limitations of conventional approaches or prevailing scientific views.

Leveraging our history in translational bioinformatics, we have built a biopharmaceutical company that incorporates our expertise into every step of our process to discover and develop novel product candidates. Our goal is to meaningfully improve patient outcomes as compared to drugs developed through traditional drug discovery approaches. Our integrated approach has already yielded programs that have exhibited preclinical activity against a broad range of clinically challenging solid tumors, which are advancing towards the clinic.

Our mission is to develop novel therapies by utilizing our disease-agnostic platform to address areas of high unmet medical need, initially in cancer and neurologic diseases.