Our Disease Cancelling Technology is based on the notion that engineering medicines to reverse a disease signal across multiple relevant genes will yield drug candidates with a higher likelihood of success compared to traditional drug discovery methods.

Our Disease Cancelling Technology includes modules in two key areas: biology (Cosiner, for target identification) and chemistry (Fluency, for hit finding).

The biology side of our platform (Cosiner) enables hypothesis-free, data-driven target identification. This platform uses gene expression from highly curated human patient datasets, not targets identified in the literature. Cosiner not only produces new targets and more sophisticated ways to drug existing targets, but also specific in vivo/in vitro testable genes, relevant concentrations and timepoint information driving the result.

Fluency screens small molecule compound libraries for hits against identified targets generating binding affinity rankings at near experimental level precision. This platform provides mechanistic insights into regions of the protein being bound and can rank the binding for 13 million compounds to a protein in just five hours.

Immuneering’s approach provides unique insights into combination therapies and drug cocktails, which may be required to ameliorate chronic or complex disorders. These platforms are not limited to a single aspect or pathology, rather they are disease-agnostic, which enables them to help engineer drug candidates for countless disorders. Immuneering’s platform is more consistent than traditional drug discovery methods producing a steady stream of drug candidates. Our Disease Cancelling Technology enables the launch of new drug programs twice as fast and using half of the capital typically required and provides a more robust foundation of data for therapeutics in preclinical and clinical development.