Leveraging transcriptomic and genomic data to better select models for preclinical oncology therapeutic development to identify cell lines most similar to patient tumors

By April 1, 2016April 23rd, 2021Publications

Cancer cell lines represent the front line of new compound testing, and results from these experiments often decide which compounds go on for further testing. Genomic context plays a critical role in drug response and now genomic data for tumors and cell lines are widely available. However, cell lines are often chosen based on ease of access, literature prevalence, and ease of culture. We combined gene expression and CNV/mutation profiling from four pancreatic cancer tumor datasets (GSE21501, GSE28735, ICGC, TCGA,) and three pancreatic cancer cell line datasets (Klijn et al, Collisson et al, and CCLE) to identify which cell lines best match patient tumors.