Translational Modeling for Patients with RAS Mutant Tumors: Profiling the Dual-MEK Inhibitor IMM-1-104 in a Humanized 3D Assay

By May 26, 2022Publications

Background: Elevated RAS-RAF-MEK-ERK (MAPK pathway) signaling is observed in over half of all solid human tumors, and mutations in RAS or RAF account for a large fraction. Given MEK’s unique position in the MAPK cascade, it remains an attractive target in cancer. However, FDA-registered MEK inhibitors are susceptible to pathway reactivation events that limit their use to RAF mutant disease and cause on-target toxicities stemming from chronic target engagement. IMM-1-104 is a novel, allosteric dual-MEK inhibitor designed for better applicability to RAS mutant tumors by preventing MEK reactivation. Endowed with a short plasma half-life, IMM-1-104 promotes deep cyclic inhibition with a near-zero drug trough, affording normal cells a chance to recover between doses.